A Family Waited 10 Years To Open The Mysterious Door In Their Backyard…They Couldn’t Believe What They Found!


A Wisconsin couple, Carol and Ken Zwick, moved into a new home a while back and came across two large metal doors in their backyard. They just figured they went to an empty storm shelter or something similar, so for ten long years, they let them be. 

Well, curiosity finally got the best of them, and when they did ope the doors, they were shocked at what they found. It was a bomb shelter that had been left largely untouched since 1960. And though it had been flooded several times, what remained was still a treasure trove. 

Take a look at the following pictures to see a snapshot in time of a bygone era!


The look on Carol’s face as she opens it says it all!


A long, haunting tunnel…

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