Brady ‘deflate-gate’ ban restored

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has had a four-game ban restored over allegations footballs were deliberately under-inflated before an NFL play-off game last year.

Brady, 38, and the Patriots were sanctioned after a 243-page report into what became known as ‘deflate-gate’.

Brady’s ban was overturned in September by a federal judge, who said the NFL’s ruling had “legal deficiencies”.

But the NFL’s subsequent appeal was upheld on Monday.

Brady, considered one of the best ever quarterbacks, maintains neither he nor the club did anything wrong.

The league fined the Patriots a record $1m (£660,000) and stripped the team of two draft picks, with its report finding Brady was “generally aware” of the scheme.

Deflated balls are considered easier to throw and catch.

More to follow.

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