Beyonce’s Lemonade Implies Jay Z Cheated On Her With Rachel Roy, Designer Bites Back

Fashion designer Rachel Roy has just poked the BeyHive — and it wasn’t a smart idea.

On Saturday night, Beyonce’s hour-long HBO special, Lemonade, premiered on HBO and it got the people talking — a lot. The special featured videos and songs with the theme of infidelity.

On the track “Anger,” Bey screams in a parking lot, “If you try this shit again, you’re gon’ lose your wife,” before throwing her wedding ring at the camera.

In her song lyric “Apathy,” Beyonce sings, “Better call Becky with the good hair.”

After the special, many fans took to social media, speculating that Jay Z cheated on his Queen with fashion designer Rachel Roy. It is also believed that Solange’s notorious elevator fight with Jay Z was because of the infidelity.

Soon after the song aired, Rachel (who is believed to be “Becky”) posted an Instagram with the caption, “Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self truths, always. live in the light #nodramaqueens.”

Of course, Beyonce’s fans were infuriated by the obvious “good hair” dig (aka confirmation that she’s “Becky”) and lashed out at the 42-year-old.

Subsequently, Rachel made her Instagram private and tweeted about the backlash.

Hello, what was she thinking? Bey’s legion of fans are overzealous about their idol and clearly would not take kindly about someone come in between Jay and Bey. What a dumb move on Roy’s part!

In addition to making her account private and tweeting dumb things, Rachel has pulled out of an event which was schedule for today due to a “personal emergency.” And by “personal emergency” she means — the entire world hates her.

The fashion designer was scheduled to speak at a seminar for people in creative industries, “Mastering Your Métier,” in New York City. Maybe she should lead a seminar called, “How To Get The Whole World To Hate You”?

Oh and if this wasn’t enough for drama … Roy was married to Jay Z’s former business partner, Damon Dash, before filing for divorce in 2009 after four years of marriage.

Becky better run and hide cause the ‘hive is out for blood!

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