Katie Holmes Wedding Rumors: Actress, Jamie Foxx Look At Venues [Report]

Katie Holmes

Is Katie Holmes ready to get married?

The actress has reportedly been dating Jamie Foxx, though it has never been confirmed. The two are said to be serious and many people believe that they are actually engaged. Now, a new report from Radar Online suggests that the two are planning a secret wedding — and that they’ve already chosen a venue for their special day.

“Katie will always remain loyal to her roots in Toledo, Ohio, and she’s pouring millions into renovating her vacation house,” shared a source. “Katie is turning it into a self-contained secure retreat and she plans on spending a lot more time there in the future with Jamie and her daughter Suri. She loves that house and there’s no doubt her obsession with the Kennedys has influenced the design and plans for this the house. It will be the perfect place for a wedding,” the source added.

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes has been very careful about who sees her out with Jamie Foxx. There were even reports last year that she wore a disguise when visiting him! These two are determined to keep their apparent romance a secret, but chances are, if they get married, they will start making appearances together. But who knows? This could be one of Hollywood’s “best kept” secrets!

Do you think Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx make a cute couple?


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