Why Doesn’t Tom Cruise Ever See Suri? Scientology Expert Weighs In


Tom Cruise has reportedly not seen his daughter, Suri Cruise, in “over 900 days.” The little girl turned 10 on Monday and there was no sign of her famous father.

Hollywood Life reached out to a Scientology expert and author to get his opinion on the matter. Tony Ortega has written in-depth about the religion since 1995 and shares that Scientology is a major reason for Cruise’s absence in his daughter’s life.

“If Tom was not famous, he would NOT be allowed to have any contact with Katie and Suri who would be considered a Potential Trouble Source, meaning that as long as she’s connected to her mom, she could present a problem,” Tony said. “She could hinder Tom’s spiritual growth in Scientology, which is by far the most important thing for a Scientologist. ”

Whenever reports surface that Tom isn’t spending time with Suri, the excuses are typically that he’s busy working. Suri appears to be close with her mother, Katie Holmes. As Vanity Fair reports, her mother lavished her daughter with parties and other activities for her milestone birthday.

Tony explains that Cruise’s ex-wife and his daughter are a very real threat to his Scientology practices. The author shares that celebrities are given more leniency by breaking the rules if they desire.

“The Number one rule of Scientology: celebrities get to break all the rules,” Tony revealed. “For that reason, it’s very hard to say whether David Miscavige (the leader of the Church of Scientology) and Tom Cruise consider Katie officially an SP (Suppressive Person) and Suri, by extension, PTS (Potential Trouble Source).”

The Scientolgy expert says it’s hard to determine if Tom Cruise wants anything to do with Katie or Suri because he’s allowed to break some rules. He’s not sure how much Scientology plays a role in his decision how much of it is based on personal choice.
Tony also surmises that another reason Tom doesn’t see Suri might have to do with his close relationship with Miscavige.

“Tom may be influenced by David who would most likely frown upon his relationship with Suri. All Tom has to do is take Suri for ice cream and work the media. But for some reason we never see him with her,” he said.

It’s also noted in the report that Cruise considers himself and David emblematic of Scientology and want to “save the planet.”

What’s the real reason for Tom Cruise not spending time with his daughter?


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