Leah Messer Finally Confirms Relationship Status: Is She Single?

Leah Messer

Leah Messer recently slammed MTV for the editing job done for Teen Mom. During this week’s episode, Leah’s comments were edited to look like she was desperate to get her ex-husband back, as the two went out for dinner. She reveals that Jeremy Calvert’s comments were edited too, making her look desperate. Many people have wondered what her relationship status is, and it sounds like Messer is now ready to reveal whether she’s single or spoken for.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer shared her relationship update on Twitter, but not before deciding to say that her past needed to die.

“So true.. Your past MUST die and you need to continue to grow!” Messer tweeted to a picture, revealing that she does want to leave the past in the past. However, she also shared something else that was interesting. She was referring to an article, where she had talked about what she wanted in a man, and the tabloid revealed that she hadn’t mentioned TR Dues, a man she had been linked to prior. And that’s when she revealed she was single.

So true.. Your past MUST die and you need to continue to grow!. @msrielly @liveyourstandard

A photo posted by Leah dawn (@leahdawn92mtv) on Apr 21, 2016 at 11:39am PDT

“Keeping “mum” about TR Dues? We decided we are best at being friends. We both have our own lives kids to worry about FIRST!” Leah Messer revealed, sharing that they had agreed to be friends and focus on their children. No word on when this breakup happened, but he was not a part of Teen Mom.

Of course, Messer has had plenty on her plate after losing custody of the twins back in October. Her main focus became her children, as she wanted to fight for split custody with Corey Simms. She ended up winning the case, and they now share custody.

What do you think of Leah Messer’s decision to reveal her relationship status on Twitter?

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