Jenelle Evans Planning Engagement With David Eason?

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has been happily dating David Eason for quite some time and it sounds like he’s one of the more calming people she’s met. The two haven’t tweeted about fighting, and he seems to be on her side about everything. David has been filming the show for a few episodes and it sounds like he’s a very calm presence in her life. He supports her in her custody battle over Jace, and he doesn’t understand why Jace can’t live with her. It’s no secret that she could be thinking about the future, a ring, a wedding and possibly more kids down the road.

According to a new report, Jenelle Evans is now sending out a pretty big clue that things are heading in the right direction. This week, Evans posted a picture of her hand, covered in engagement rings. She was promoting a ring sale on Instagram, but when a magazine decided to guess a possible engagement, she happily retweeted it – sending out a pretty big hint.

Checkout the new arrivals at @sotrendeeinc they’re having a crazy 24 hour sale follow them they’re giving away a $300 gift card today!! @sotrendeeinc @sotrendeeinc

A photo posted by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) on Apr 18, 2016 at 2:43pm PDT

The two started dating in September, but she has revealed that she isn’t getting engaged any time soon. She has a failed marriage behind her and she has two kids with two separate men, none of who were her husband. It’s possible that she wants to wait to see if things could work out for the long term. In Jenelle’s world, things do move rather fast, as she got married after just dating Courtland Rogers for just a few months. They were not together for years before tying the knot. It would be awesome to see her take her time with a new man, and slow down a bit. It doesn’t hurt to take things slow.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans possibly thinking about getting engaged? Do you think she could possibly be planning an engagement to David Eason soon, especially since she’s retweeting messages of engagements?

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