Demi Moore Accidentally Registered As Ultra-Conservative Independent

Demi Moore

Demi Moore and a few other celebrities residing in California accidentally registered for an ultra-conservative party that opposes abortion, gay rights, and building a fence along the American/Mexican border.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that a survey of 500 members of the American Independent Party found nearly 3 of 4 people didn’t realize they’d enrolled in a political party that wasn’t directly a party of their choosing. The total came to an astonishing tens of thousands of voters who accidentally registered for the independent party.

According to the Los Angeles Times, voters were confused by the use of the word “independent” in the party’s name. In California, voters who opt not to register with any particular party must check a box on a registration form for “no party preference.”

The party registration checked by Demi Moore and other celebs was the American Independent Party. The Washington Times names some of the other stars who accidentally marked the independent party as Emma Stone, Kaley Cuoco, and Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Moore is known to be among a number of Hollywood celebrities with Democratic views. When she and others were listed as members of the independent party, it was a red flag. Moore, for example, has contributed money to – and has strongly supported – President Barack Obama.

“Demi Moore is not, nor has ever been, a member of the American Independent Party,” an AIP representative said.

When Patrick Schwarzenegger, 22, registered to vote in 2013, he selected the American Independent Party. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son plans to change his registration, a family spokesperson reveals.

The American Independent Party has about 472,000, according to the Secretary Of State’s Office.

Mistaken registration mean a problem for those casting votes in the June 7 presidential primary. Members of the American Independent Party are only permitted to vote for candidates on the party’s ballot – Republicans will have a closed primary; Democrats, on the other hand, will allow unaffiliated voters to vote for a candidate belonging to the party. The deadline to change party registration is May 23.


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