Heroic Cocker Spaniel Helps Rescue An Abandoned Cat In London


A dog named Maisie noticed something unusual while recently walking with her human in Wormwood Scrubs Park in North West London.

The English Cocker Spaniel started barking incessantly until her owner, Pam, looked into some bushes and found a cat locked in a carrier.

Pam told The Mayhew Animal House, which took care of the feline, “Usually Maisie barks when she wants a stick, so I got one for her but she just ignored it and carried on staring at the bushes and would not move – that was when I thought she must have found something.”

The carrier had a note taped to it that read, “My name is Lily. I am 5 years old. I need a home as I am now homeless. Please take care of me.”

Lily did not have access to food or water and was unable to escape from the carrier.

Pam was “shocked” when she discovered the cat. “Being an owner of two cats myself, I couldn’t believe that somebody could do that and thought that her previous owner must have been in a desperate situation,” she explained.

Fortunately, Lily arrived at The Mayhew in good condition. She had a microchip that revealed she’s actually 11 years old. Unfortunately, the contact information was outdated.

The Mayhew encourages people in crisis situations to surrender their animals to a cat shelter instead of abandoning them.

Lily has since been adopted.

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