Chelsea Houska Will Fly Solo At ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion: Why Aubree Isn’t Coming

Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska is having a great time on Teen Mom this season. Not only did Cole DeBoer plan a perfect proposal in the woods, but the couple also went on a vacation so they could hang out a bit before they started planning a wedding. It is heartbreaking to watch Chelsea’s daughter talking about her biological father, Adam Lind, and how he doesn’t play with her or take the time to spend time with her. And for this upcoming reunion, it sounds like it could be a showdown between Chelsea and Adam.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea Houska is now revealing that she’s flying to Los Angeles by herself. She apparently gave her daughter a chance to come to Los Angeles, but she chose to stay in school and finish her work. And Houska is very proud of her daughter for making that decision. “I’m sad I have to leave my girly this weekend to go to LA BUT Im proud that she had the choice to go, but she didn’t want to miss school!” Chelsea Houska revealed on Twitter.

“So she’s not going to be at the reunion? :(,” one follower asked Chelsea, who replied with, “nope not this time! It’s different now that she’s in school!”

But that wasn’t all. Apparently, Cole isn’t flying out either, as he’s staying at home, possibly helping out with Aubree. When someone asked why Cole wasn’t on the reunion, Adam himself replied with, “Because Cole isn’t the father…”

Of course, Cole isn’t the biological father, but he is stepping up to the plate and he’s becoming a great stepfather to little Aubree. It is clear that Chelsea is excited about the future, and she will protect her family, including Aubree, when it comes to the Teen Mom world and the reunion.

What do you think of Chelsea Houska leaving Cole and Aubree at home to film the Teen Mom reunion?

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