Angelina Jolie Lookalike Is Lighting Up The Internet: Who Is Mara Teigen, The Model With The Opulent Lips?

Mara Teigen Or Angelina Jolie?

Nope, that’s not Angelina Jolie posing in Kylie Jenner’s lip gloss commercial. Meet Mara Teigen, Angelina’s bona fide Doppelganger, who is lighting up the Internet as of late.

Every now and again, a commoner emerges who resembles a celeb. There’s even a few who channeled their inner Human Barbie and Ken dolls. However, this Jolie lookalike bears a striking image to the By the Sea actress, according to New York Daily News.

Teigen, 21, gained droves of followers when news spread of her similarity to Angelina. From her amber-like skin, coal-colored hair to full lips, Mara Teigen looks like the real deal.

Thank you God for another day Feeling very blessed.

A photo posted by MARA TEIGEN (@marateigen_) on Feb 24, 2016 at 5:59am PST

The model appeared in Kylie’s “Glosses” promotional music vid recently and previously did work for Frankies Bikinis and Milani Cosmetics. She and Kylie are reportedly best friends, according to CW33.

Arguably, the young Jolie lookalike resembles the actress, but her total package — lips, face, and curves, to boot — is more in line with her BFF.

With a connection to the KUWTK reality TV star and her features trending in several news portals, it’s no wonder Mara Teigen has over 600K Instagram followers.

You decide. Does she look more like the Jolie or Jenner?

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