Rihanna Spotted Hanging Out With Leonardo DiCaprio At Coachella

Leonardo DiCaprio Rihanna

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna turned some heads at Coachella on Saturday when they were spotted partying together, although both celebrities tried to go incognito for the meetup.

People reports that the recent Oscar winner and pop star were photographed at the Neon Carnival, an event near the annual desert music festival.

Rihanna tried to avoid attention with a pair of stunner shades while Leo did the same with his aviators and Michigan baseball cap.

A source told People that the couple appeared friendly but not romantic during the party.

“Leo slipped into the party incognito and was dancing and singing to ‘No Scrubs,’ ” the source said. “He knew every word! A couple tables over Rihanna was dancing with a couple girlfriends. Leo saw her and made his way over to say hi.”

Plenty of celebrities hang out with each other during Coachella but Rihanna and Leo meeting is newsworthy because there have been rumors in the past that the two might have dated. Neither has ever responded to the headlines in the tabloids.

The two were spotted together in Paris in January, though a source insisted they were “just friends.”

“She came by with Cara (Delevingne) and said hi,” a source told People.

Last year, Leonardo helped throw Rihanna’s 27th birthday party. A source told US Weekly at the time that DiCaprio and the ‘Work’ singer were seen “dancing close all night”.

That story followed the report that the duo spent Valentine’s Day weekend 2015 together in New York City.

“They were whispering and staring into each other’s eyes,” another insider told US Weekly last February.

“He thinks she’s incredibly hot,” yet another source said of Leo last year. “Like him, she’s not looking for a relationship.”

Whatever happened between them at Coachella, it likely didn’t last for long, as Rihanna started the next leg of her ‘Anti World Tour’ this week.

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