Philly Fans Throwing Bracelets That Commemorated Their Deceased Owner Onto The Ice: Not The Best Look

Philly girl

For long, the city of Philadelphia has been known to have some incredibly ruthless and obnoxious fans attend the city’s professional sporting events. Whether it is the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, or 76ers, Philly fans always seem to come out in full drunken insanity mode. Granted, every city/fanbase has their set of bad eggs, and singular moments of bad judgement or character by a handful of people should not define a fanbase as a whole. However, the city of Philadelphia has shown time after time that more than just “a couple of bad eggs” are ruining their reputation when it comes to defining those who attend games, and on Monday night, we were all reminded that Philly fans are THE worst fans in all of sports.  

As part of a pregame commemoration of the recently departed Ed Snider, founder and owner of the Philadelphia Flyers, fans attending Monday night’s game three against Washington were given a glow in the dark bracelet to wave during the ceremony. Well, just like if you give a serial killer a knife, if you give a crowd of drunken Philly sports fans something, inevitably, said objects will make their way onto the playing surface and cause a disaster. After Washington scored on the power play at 14:58, fans began tossing the bracelets onto the ice, causing about a three-minute delay. The Flyers were assessed a penalty for delay of game, where Washington would eventually score to make it a 6-1 game. Fans kept throwing the bracelets onto the ice throughout the remainder of the game and after the conclusion of the third period.

The fans throwing crap out onto the ice is obviously very stupid, and it ended up costing their team a goal. The big problem here, however, is the fact that the majority of the crap raining down on the ice was these bracelets, which were meant to pay honor, tribute, and respect to the man who founded something that gave all of these fans a reason to cheer (or boo and be miserable). Instead of simply taking the face slap that the Capitals gave to their team on Monday night, fans at the Wells Fargo Center decided to not only disrespect their deceased owner by throwing the bracelets onto the ice, but they also found a new way to disrespect themselves. Before Monday night, the sports world knew Philly fans as “the stink bomb throwers.”

“The fighters.”

And of course, “the egg/battery/snowball throwers.”

Now, after this latest incident, Philly is being labeled as a city full of heartless goons.

This bracelet throwing incident is just the latest chapter to be written in the long novel of ugly Philly fan moments. Call them what you want, but the conduct of Philadelphia sports fans has gotten to the point where it needs to be addressed and cleaned up dramatically. This type of behavior is embarrassing to professional sports, the city of Philadelphia, and our society as a whole. It’s one thing to disrespect yourself and the arena your team is playing in by throwing crap out onto the ice, but to throw bracelets that were meant to commemorate the team’s dead owner and founder? That’s a new low, even for Philly. Wayne Simmons knows. 


Fans booing/cheering when Brooks Orpik left with what looked like a really bad concussion and when Dmitry Orlov was checked from behind by Pierre-Edouard Bellemare late in the game were also both despicable, but that’s not the big issue here. The issue is that after Orlov skated back to the bench and was having his face attended to by the team’s medical staff, some barbarian in the stands struck Orlov in the face with a wristband. Just goes to show the type of idiocy, lack of care for others, and delusion that we are addressing here. Way to go Philly. 

**Sidenote No. 2**

That girl giving the finger behind the glass is the perfect definition of a Philadelphia sports fan.

“Dear Philadelphia, 

Stop being such horrendous human beings and maybe I will let you win a Super Bowl.



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