We Have A Johnny Manziel Spotting At Coachella (Is Anybody Shocked?)

Johnny Manziel

It’s no mystery that Johnny Manziel loves to party. It’s also no mystery that Johnny Manziel probably isn’t the smartest guy on the planet and that he clearly has some type of substance abuse issue going on. So, when one of the more infamous social gatherings and parties in the United States is going on in an area where Johnny Manziel reportedly has been living (LA) in Coachella, it should come as no surprise to anybody that the former Heisman-winner out of Texas AM was present. 

Earlier this week, Manziel found himself in multiple negative headlines for the house he reportedly rented in LA being found trashed with garbage, drugs, and property damage, after also reportedly being a passenger in a car that was involved in a hit and run on Hollywood Blvd on Saturday night. The two headlines dropping Manziel’s name were followed by Manziel’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, terminating his contract with the former Cleveland Browns quarterback on Tuesday, saying that he would reconsider representing Johnny in the future if Manziel were to get help within five days (Manziel still has not). Manziel has now been dropped by two agents this offseason and is currently unrepresented. 

At this point, what else is there to really say about Johnny Manziel? Many people around the country (myself included) wanted to see this rockstar-like figure succeed in the NFL when he came out of college with his “IDGAF” attitude. Well, that attitude has now turned into a very serious situation for Johnny as he is currently unemployed, has a domestic violence case still hanging over his head in Texas, cannot stay out of the negative headlines with constant partying, and his actions seem to have taken a great toll on his body (look at how skinny his biceps are in that ball-pit picture). The world wants to see Johnny Manziel succeed as a football player, but right now this guy simply just is not succeeding as a person. He needs help and he needs help quick. 

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