Stephen Curry On If The Warriors Do Run Practice At Drake’s House

Drake, Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry confirmed to TSN’s Cabral Richards that he does play basketball at Drake’s house. 

Rapper Drake claims in his new song “Summer Sixteen,” that the Golden State Warriors are “running practice at my house.”  

It turns out, the lyric isn’t completely true. The Golden State practice facility is still getting lots of use. However, Curry “comes and hoops at the house.” Curry has played basketball against his wife’s brother Jaz Alexander at Drake’s Hidden Hills estate. 

That’s got some real-life aspect to it,” Curry told Richards. “Me and my brother-in-law, I was playing 1-on-1 with him at Drake’s house. [Drake and his friends] were watching. They didn’t really shoot that much that day, but my brother-in-law got all that work. It was me and my brother-in-law with Drake and his boys and some of my family in the stands.”

Curry also said that teammate Draymond Green was extremely excited to be mentioned in the song. According to Steph, he loved the shoutout and wouldn’t stop bragging about it.

“He was hyped, he was hyped about that line,” he said. “(He said) ‘I made it, I made it. First All-Star Game and I got into a Drake song.’”


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