Chris Brown Talks Rihanna, Domestic Abuse In New Documentary

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has opened up about the domestic abuse he was involved in while dating Rihanna. According to People Magazine, Brown said that he felt like a “monster” when people found out about his physical abuse scandal that left Rihanna badly bruised back in 2009.

“This is the first time I get to say anything. I went from being on top of the world, No. 1 songs, being kind of like America’s sweetheart to being Public Enemy No. 1. I felt like a f—ing monster. I was thinking about suicide, I wasn’t sleeping, I barely ate … If there was ever a doubt in your mind Chris Brown was done, he was finished … I wouldn’t bet on it,” Brown said in a preview for the documentary.

Chris Brown has not spoken publicly about what happened between him and Rihanna. The incident nearly ended his career in the business and plenty of people still haven’t gotten over what happened.

Welcome to My Life: The Official Chris Brown Documentary is set to air sometime this year, but details have not yet been released. Riveting Entertainment is producing the series, but the network it will air on has yet to be announced.

Are you interested in watching Chris Brown’s documentary?

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