‘Real Housewives Of Dallas’ Star Accused Of Bullying

Real Housewives Of Dallas

LeeAnne Locken is a strong and powerful woman and she was clearly stealing the room during the Real Housewives of Dallas premiere episode this past week. And it is clear that LeeAnne wasn’t a favorite amongst the ladies. Brandi Redmond had mocked LeeAnne slightly with her mimics, and fans thought she was making fun of Locken. According to a new tweet, LeeAnne Locken is now revealing that she doesn’t see Brandi as a bad person. 

“The only thing I noticed wrong with the #RHOD is that Tiffany Hendra said that Brandi Redmond mimics THEM. No, just LeeAnne Locken,” one follower wrote on Twitter, trying to make sense of what was happening on The Real Housewives of Dallas. 

“ACTUALLY she mimics all of us!” LeeAnne Locken revealed, coming to Brandi’s defense. “That isn’t what the viewer saw though. Even Steph tells Brandi “I told her you mimic leeanne,”” the follower wrote back to Leann, who replies with, “Yes! As the season unfolds it will ALL come to LIGHT! #RHOD.” Based on these tweets, it sounds like LeeAnne is actually coming to Brandi’s defense, saying that Brandi does mimic everyone – not just her. On the show, it was edited to seem like she was attacking LeeAnne because she didn’t like her. It wasn’t seen as humorous, even though that could have been the case. But one follower pointed out that the mimicking did come across as bullying.

“I was offended by the mimicking. I’m sorry but that is bullying…plain and simple,” one person wrote, adding, “I was mimicked in school for a stutter I had and I feel it’s a form of bullying…plain and simple.” It sounds like the mimicking could become a topic of discussion this season and it sounds like fans are a bit rattled – and split – on how to interpret this behavior.

What do you think of LeeAnne Locken’s comment? Are you surprised that she’s coming to Brandi’s defense?


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