Houston Rockets’ Dwight Howard Makes Peace With His Pack Of Baby Mamas

Dwight Howard

One by one, Dwight Howard has made peace with his pack of baby mamas. Hope Alexa and Royce Reed have both Instagram how they are on good terms with the Houston Rocket. 

Reed and Howard have been fighting for years. TMZ reports that they have reopened communication for the best interest of their eight-year-old son. 

A source said, “They decided to stop hating each other and made a promise to their son they would get along.”

We are #Family

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Reed and Howard have sued each other in the past. They’ve also called the police on one another. Reed also accused Howard of child abuse two years ago. Reed has said that their son is terrified of Howard. 

Howard has also made friends with ex-girlfriend/baby mama Hope Alexa. She recently moved from Vancouver to Houston to be with him. 

Hope wrote on Instagram: “Over the past 10 years we have built a bond that can not be broken. Its a lot more than just baby daddy/baby momma…We have a GOOD relationship for the sake of our daughter she has and will ALWAYS come 1st. I wouldn’t want it any other way!!!”

LETS GO ROCKETS!!!! #rednation #htown #houstonrockets

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Homesick for my mommy

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Just how many kids/baby mamas Howard has is unknown but current estimates say he has children with eight different women.

Last year he was sued for child support by a woman named Tiffany. His son with  ex-girlfriend Christine Vest famously stole North West’s birthing suit from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  

It looks like Howard might have a long way to go still to make peace. 

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