The Charolette Hornets About To Become The Coolest Team In The NBA: Will Rep The Jordan Logo

Jordan Brand

Brand logos will soon be allowed on NBA jerseys after team owners gave their seal of approval on transitioning into soccer’s money making territory. 

According to Bloomberg, NBA owners have decided via a vote to put a 2.5 inch-by-2.5 inch advertisement patches on the front of NBA jerseys at the start of the 2017-18 NBA season to generate more revenue.

Nike will take over as the official jersey supplier at that point so all of the teams will have a Nike patch on their jerseys. 

The Charlotte Hornets will be the exception to the rule. 

This is instead of the Hornets wearing the Crying Jordan meme as demonstrated here.

The Hornets are owned by Michael Jordan. Jordan the brand was born out of MJ’s deal with Nike. Jordan is a part of Nike, only cooler. 

It’s been a long time since Nike has done anything really cool or innovative. However, Jordan is always putting out new stuff and teaming up with the hottest athletes and cultural influencers like Drake and Russell Westbrook. 

By associating with Jordan instead of Nike, the Hornets are definitely the coolest team in the NBA, even if they are horrible. 

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