Liam Hemsworth Says He’s Not Engaged, But A Few Questions Remain Unanswered


Is Liam Hemsworth engaged to Miley Cyrus? That’s the question going around after the actor was seen in an interview aired in Australia. It has many scratching their heads because it’s unclear when the interview was taped.

Gossip Cop reports that Australia’s “TV Week “has released an interview with Hemsworth in which he’s quoted as saying, “I am not engaged, no.” The report explains that it’s unknown when Liam gave the interview. The site has reached out verify the story, but they haven’t heard back.

Liam and Miley started dating in 2009 while filming “The Last Song.” They got engaged in June 2012, but broke up in September 2013. The pair seemed to recapture their old romance at the beginning of this year. Soon thereafter, Cyrus moved next door to Hemsworth and she’s been spotted wearing the Neil Lane engagement ring she received from him. They’ve been seen together more often and attended “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” premiere.

Neither Liam Hemsworth nor Miley Cyrus has spoken openly about their alleged reunion as a couple. Whatever the status of their relationship is, they’re choosing to keep it to themselves.

According to Too Fab, Liam said he hasn’t left his home in the last few months due to a back injury and hasn’t been able to do much.

In referencing the ever-present media, he explained that it comes with the territory.

“It is what it is and I am not someone who is looking for any more attention that I have and I try not to draw attention in any way,” he said. “I don’t do things that do draw attention. So most of the time I fly under the radar.”

For the time being, it’s a mystery whether Liam Hemsworth is engaged to Miley Cyrus. They’re a couple that certainly keeps the public guessing!

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