Kendall Jenner And Kaia Gerber Strut Their Stuff At Coachella With The Other Celebs

Posted on Sat Apr 16th, 2016 9:20am PDT       By X17 Staff

Kendall Jenner hung with Cindy Crawford’s teenage daughter Kaia Gerber at Coachella on Friday, and the ladies looked amazing. Well, “ladies” probably isn’t the right word, seeing as Kaia is FOURTEEN! Would you let your teen party at Coachella with a Kardashian? Hmm…

Here’s what’s interesting though. Just last month Harry Styles, who may or may not still be dating Kendall, paid a visit to Cafe Habana in Malibu, which is owned by Kaia’s father. The One Direction star met with Kaia and her parents, so clearly she’s tight with the cool kids in Hollywood…

Who else did we spot on the Empire polo fields? None other than a shirtless and super ripped Kellan Lutz, along with Brooklyn Beckham, who flashed his guns in a far more tasteful manner:


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