Johnny Manziel Is At Coachella

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel is at the Coachella Music Festival with friends since his house is allegedly kind of a mess right now. Manziel and Josh Gordon reportedly caused thousands of dollars in damages to a house they were renting in West Hollywood. They also left drugs behind. 

Manziel is with Drake’s buddy/relative Ryan Silverstein, better known as OVO Ryan and another man. They shared their location via Snapchat on Friday night. Oddly enough (not oddly enough), Drake has been staying clear of Ryan in recent weeks. 

Coachella takes place in the middle of a desert in California. It’s actually a very normal thing for a 20/30-something to do at this time of the year. However, Manziel has people publicly pleading with him to go to rehab so in his case, it’s definitely not the best place to be seen. Earlier this week, NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus told a reporter he will drop Manziel in five days if the former Cleveland Browns player does not seek substance abuse treatment. 

“I’m gravely concerned about this young man,” he said. “I am not going to stand by and watch him ruin it all.”

Rosenhaus signed Manziel on the condition he would seek help. 

Ryan is currently under investigation for a possible misdemeanor hit-and-run. He struck a light pole in his Mercedes Benz. Manziel was a passenger at the time. Both men were picked up by Gordon before coming back to the scene afterward. 

Also, all of this stuff has happened since last Saturday. 

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