Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock Calls Kobe Bryant: ‘Most Fraudulent Superstar Celebrity Athlete’

Kobe Bryant

Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock is not impressed with the Kobe Bryant era of basketball. In fact, he says that Bryant is a complete fraud, calling him the most “fraudulent superstar celebrity athlete.” 

Whitlock says that Bryant destroyed the Los Angeles Lakers by failing to realize that basketball is a team sport, not an individual one like golf. He called out Bryant for running Shaq out of Los Angeles, rather than learning to work with him. 

“His narcissism and selfishness destroyed a franchise,” Whitlock said a day after Bryant dropped 60 points on the Utah Jazz in his final game. “The Lakers are a laughing stock, and just had the most embarrassing season we’ve pretty much ever seen an NBA team have.”

Whitlock also called out the celebrities who spent thousands of dollars to sit courtside on Wednesday night. 

“And Jack Nicholson and everybody’s sitting at courtside celebrating this, standing ovation,” he said on Thursday’s “The Herd.” “That game last night was hot garbage.”

Whitlock then explained that Bryant did a really only doing a pretty good impersonation of Michael Jordan. He says it’s one that has throughout his entire 20-year career. 

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