Albany Devils And Bridgeport Sound Tigers (AHL) Had A Big Time Brawl On Saturday Night

AHL Brawl

Just when you thought the Bolts/Red Wings line brawl from Friday night was going to be the craziest thing you saw all weekend, the Albany Devils and Bridgeport Sound Tigers (AHL) decided to one-up the chaos that occurred down in Florida with a line brawl of their own. The brawl, which occurred at 19:16 of the second period, resulted in 250 penalty minutes being assessed between both teams, five game misconducts, and coaches Eric Boguniecki and Rick Kowalsky attempting to scrap it up between the benches (both were ejected). Take a look for yourself:

Anybody, even people who are not all that fond of or familiar with the game of hockey, have to appreciate this. Yeah, this little donnybrook was between two AHL teams in a half-filled arena. But, this type of stuff is awesome, and while you can’t exactly support the actions of these coaches you have to, at least, admire their intensity.

As far as possible suspensions go, one should assume that both coaches and the five players that were ejected from the contest likely will not be gearing up anytime soon. Both teams have clinched a playoff spot, and a future meeting in the Calder Cup Playoffs this spring would become must-watch television. If you are the type of person who believes that fights do not happen in the playoffs, 1.) A ridiculous fight just happened the other night in Tampa so anything is possible, and 2.) this is the A, where every game is the Wild West. It doesn’t matter if it is a preseason, postseason, or charity contest. Gloves will get dropped.   

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