Zac Brown Drug Bust Scandal: Are Cops Covering For Singer?

Zac Brown

Country music star Zac Brown is in the middle of a shady drug bust scandal. In South Florida last week, four people were arrested for cocaine and marijuana possession and it’s believed that Brown was involved.

According to TMZ, Brown wasn’t only let off the hook, cops allegedly made it appear that he wasn’t there.

The drug bust happened at the Four Seasons in Palm Beach around 5:30 a.m. last Friday. The police report states that law enforcement responded to a call regarding a suspicious vehicle in front of the hotel; it led to the arrest of a man in possession of more than 30 grams of cocaine.

The man inside the car told cops he brought along two other women with him and that they had gone up to one of the rooms. Police followed up with his claim and decided to check it out for themselves. Once there, they found nine people partying. One man was arrested for marijuana and two women were busted for coke.

Sources tell TMZ that Zac was in that room and questioned by police. They add that the singer was in possession of prescription pills, which police requested he get them proof it was a legitimate doctor’s prescription.

TMZ suggests that maybe cops are covering for Zac Brown because the Palm Beach Police Department tell the site that he wasn’t mentioned in the police report. Nine people were in the room and when it was detailed, three men and five women were mentioned, which means one person is missing.

When the outlet reached to Brown’s publicist, the response was: “Didn’t get [from Zac or the team] anything to add.”

Is it possible the police are trying to cover for Zac Brown in this drug bust scandal?

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