‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Caroline Is Tempted To Tell Thomas The Truth

The Bold  The Beautiful Spoilers

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers tease that Monday’s episode will bring a moment in which Caroline is tempted to spill the beans to Thomas that he’s the father of her baby.

Dr. Wolin’s unfounded accusations have put Caroline on edge and she’s worried that keeping the secret will have dire consequences over time. Caroline told Ridge that the repercussions of keeping Douglas’ father a secret will blow up if they don’t come clean with Thomas now. Ridge, on the other hand, told Caroline that it will amount to another family scandal and that Rick would use the information to tear the family apart.

According to a new preview for “BB,” Caroline and Thomas have a moment alone and the scene leaves you wondering whether the truth will come out.

On Friday’s episode, it appeared that Dr. Wolin was hit by a large vehicle and that he may well be out of the picture — leaving Ridge free from his blackmailing threats.

The only problem now is Katie knows what Ridge’s doctor was up. She Knows writes in its spoilers that “Ridge becomes defensive when Katie tells him about her conversation with his former urologist.”

What’s going to happen next in the ongoing saga over Douglas’ paternity?

In other spoilers for the soap, Katie is furious with Brooke and the fact that Bill knows she’s secretly drinking. Kate berates Brooke and tells her that she’s sick of her denying that something is going on between her and Bill. An additional scene shows Katie hugging Bill and telling him that she doesn’t want to lose him.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.

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