In The Least Shocking News Of All Time, Johnny Manziel Trashed A Rental House In LA With Parties (Lots of Drugs)

Johnny Manziel

In the least shocking news of all time, former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel reportedly threw large parties and caused “extensive damage” to a home he rented in Los Angeles earlier this month. ESPN, which first reported the story, obtained a letter from the attorney of the homeowner, which cited that Manziel threw multiple large parties during his stay at the home where drugs and alcohol were consumed. This coming after Manziel reportedly assured the homeowner that the house rental was strictly for his own personal and private use. 

The homeowner and his/her legal team are reportedly seeking $31,580 from Manziel, including $19,580 in property damages and replacement fees, $10,000 in rental fees, and $2,000 in legal fees. Among the litter and drug paraphrenia/residue discovered on the property from Manziel’s parties, the homeowner also claims that there were “extensive burn marks from cigarettes and marijuana” found on the floor, wine stains “that cannot be removed” from a carpet, a broken glass table, and a broken door. 

Now, not to discount anything that Johnny Manziel allegedly did here, but what did this person who rented out their house to an infamous wild boy like Johnny Football actually expect to happen? If you rent out a house to Johnny Manziel in Los Angeles (No. 2 party city in U.S. other than Manziel’s favorite place, Las Vegas), you should expect to find extensive damage, drugs, and surveillance footage of multiple Project X-style bangers. 

Also, there are likely a lot of pictures of this house that still have not been leaked out, but that tweet by Troy Hughes doesn’t exactly show “extensive damage.” Sure, a bag of mushrooms and un-snorted cocaine hidden like Easter eggs all over the house is not the best look for a guy who is trying to make an NFL comeback like Johnny Manziel, but it kind of seems unfair even to a Hall of Fame partier like Johnny Manziel to consider this “extensive damage.” If a few carpet stains, cigarette marks, and empty bottles of soda/champagne laying around are the only issues with a house after renting it out to Johnny Football, you should consider that a win. Nevertheless, you have to love the week Johnny Manziel is having. First, his name gets dropped in a suspected hit and run with OVO-member, Ryan Silverstein and suspended Browns wideout, Josh Gordon. Then, Manziel gets canned by his second agent this offseason. And now this. It’s not funny because this guy is clearly sick, but it is pretty remarkable how much Johnny Manziel seemingly cannot stop tripping over himself and staying in the negative spotlight. 

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