This Bride’s Black Wedding Dress Has Gone Viral, And Now She Explains Why She Chose It


Sophie Cachia is an Australian mommy blogger, and she can count on getting a little more traffic heading to her site after the commotion she caused with her wedding dress, of all things. Pics began circulating through social media following her Instagram posts showing her (GASP!) black wedding dress

In case you thought we lived in progressive times, you might want a reality check by reading some of the reactions people had to this personal decision. Many people used the opportunity to be critical not of the dress, but of her decision to show a little cleavage at her ceremony.

So today all I had planned was to get my eyebrows done. Instead, my wedding went viral 6 months later. @signor_mont – you said I’m still making waves today, when in fact it’s you making those waves darling. Your dress, your creation, your work! P.S I don’t read ANY of it (articles/comments) although someone did tell me that people think I just “wanted to get my fakies out”. I’ll take that! After breastfeeding a big heffa for 5 months, I’m more than flattered my mother jugs look fake and didn’t cost me $15K! @nicoletaranto_photography

A photo posted by SOPHIE CACHIA (@theyoungmummy) on Apr 12, 2016 at 7:47pm PDT

And of course, everyone speculated as to why she made that nontraditional choice. 

Well, it turns out that she did it because she wanted to. It’s that simple. 

She wrote in a blog post

The first thing I must state is that my choice had NOTHING to do with the old ‘white wedding dresses are for virgins.’ Evidently though, my 18-month-old son Bobby is proof that that boat sailed years ago. I only assume that throughout my experiences and knowledge of our generation that if only virgins wore white, we’d be seeing more of an array of multi-coloured brides.

If you were to specifically ask me why I wore black on my wedding day, I can only answer in the most honest and direct way possible; because I wanted to.

Black is classic.

It looks good on just about everyone.

It’s bold, it’s sexy, it’s daring.

I find wearing black to be extremely striking, hence why it’s my go-to choice of colour to wear on any occasion.

These reasons stated above, combined with the fact that my now husband suggested I wear black when we first got engaged, as he knows how much I like to wear it, were the reasons I did so.

I bet she didn’t think she was going to have to explain her fashion choice to the whole world when she first picked that black dress. I guess that’s one of the consequences of living in the age of social media. 

See below for a few more pics from Sophie’s Instagram account showing her wearing the hell out of that black wedding dress!

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A photo posted by NICOLE TARANTO (@nicoletaranto_photography) on Oct 27, 2015 at 4:42pm PDT

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