Grumpy Cat Death Hoax Shocks Fans After Social Media Post

Grumpy Cat

A near-crisis almost occurred when rumors of Grumpy Cat’s death began circulating the Internet.

On Monday, David Weiner, Digg editor-at-large, tweeted out a message that made his followers suspicious that Grumpy Cat – her actual name is “Tardar Sauce” – had died.

“Is Grumpy Cat dead? I’m not happy I’m asking this question, but here I am, asking it,” Weiner wrote Monday.

Fortunately, the Grumpy Cat death hoax was just that … a hoax. The feline star is well and alive. She just turned 4-years-old on April 4. It seems that her birthday fell just 3 days late of April Fool’s Day …  so, the hoax seems to be in line with that.

Tardar Sauce’s manager, Ben Lashes, sent an email to IB Times setting the record straight on the famous kitty’s death hoax.

“I’m happy to say these are just hoax rumors going around that I believe were started by Twitter pranksters,” Lashes said. “Grumpy Cat is at home right now playing with her brother Pokey and trying to stay grumpy on #NationalPetDay.”

Grumpy Cat’s latest post on Twitter was on late Tuesday with the photo seen at the top of this article.

It’s good to know that Grumpy Cat is still among the living. She’s a household name and has a huge fan base. She has 323,000 followers on Twitter and has well over 8 million likes on her Facebook page.

Fans of Grumpy Cat are relieved to hear that isn’t dead. For having such a grumpy face, this kitty makes a lot of us very happy!

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