‘Empire’ Recap ‘The Tameness Of The Wolf’


Just when I was about to hit the snooze button on what seemed like an uneventful episode, “Empire” writers sucker-punched us with a twist none of us saw coming.

Hakeem is off the market, y’all. The youngest Lyon—who I’m pretty sure still can’t grow a mustache—is engaged to Laura. At the pace this romance is going Laura will be pregnant by the season finale and setting up playdates with Anika in season three of “Empire.” Before we start predicting how Boo Boo Kitty will stop the wedding (avoid grand staircases, Laura) let’s dive into this week’s episode “The Tameness of the Wolf.”

The Lyons (minus Lucious) are gathered around a memorial service to pay respects on Camilla’s passing, which was declared a murder suicide by police, but her fashion line Cleopatra and Antony lives on with Rhonda at the helm.

The heir of fur and animal prints even got Andre to dial down his crazy by upping the dose on his bipolar meds. Now if only she can convince Andre to pull the trigger on the U-Haul to take them as far away from secluded suburbia, things could go back to normal.

Or as usual, as they can be with a family that loathes their patriarch.

Enter Lucious to reclaim his kingdom now that the cougar’s dead. Hakeem is like pump your brakes, old man because I’m still Empire’s CEO.

All at the price Camilla’s life, Lucious claps back. It’s a new low even for Lucious to blame Hakeem for Camilla’s death since he forced the poison down her throat, even if Hakeem’s sex tape scheme encouraged it.

Cookie jumps in to play peacemaker by telling them to do their respective jobs.

FOXFor Lucious, that means going back to his hometown of Philly to shoot his biographical music video for “Boom Boom Boom Boom.” Cookie tags along as his producer and learns more about Lucious’ upbringing in a few days than throughout their 20-plus relationship. For instance, as a boy, he slept in front of a lion statue where he adopted his Lucious Lyon persona.

The closer Cookie gets to re-creating the scenes of Lucious childhood, the more antsy he is about exposing the vulnerable part of himself until Cookie gives him the best reason of all to reveal the painful past: “I spent 17 years in jail for a man whose real name I didn’t know.”

If that’s not deserving of some semblance of his roots nothing is. Lucious recounts the last time he saw his mother—when she was holding him underwater to be “cleansed,” she eventually came to her senses. Yet, felt so guilty for almost killing Lucious she gambles her life by playing Russian roulette and lost. After watching his mother commit suicide Lucious is taken in by a neighbor until social services steps in. Lucious ran away before they could take him and survived by eating from the trash and squatting in abandoned homes than was brought into drug dealing by Frank Gathers.

Somewhere Lee Daniels is pitching this story as a live musical to NBC executives. For now we just have Lucious’ “Boom Boom Boom Boom” music video to look forward to.


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