Eileen Davidson Reflects On ‘RHOBH’ Season: ‘Yolanda Has Had it The Toughest’

Eileen Davidson

Eileen Davidson has managed to stay out of the drama for quite some time, but it sounds like she’s looking at the season as a whole. Davidson was shocked that things spiraled out of control this season, but she thinks that the ladies should focus on one person; Yolanda Foster. Even though Yolanda was suffering from an illness, she was indeed the one who was targeted this season. And according to a new report, Eileen Davidson is now revealing that she never expected things to go this far.

“Never in a million years could I have imagined what would take place this year on RHOBH,” Eileen reveals, adding, “It’s been emotional, turbulent, and downright ugly at times. Yolanda has had it the toughest. She’s continued to battle Lyme and been isolated from our group at times because of it. She’s suffered from the controversy and confusion surrounding the Munchausen’s comment. On top of all that, she’s had to endure the ending of her marriage to David.”

Of course, Foster has been isolated throughout this season due to her illness. She hasn’t been able to hang out with the ladies during dinner, parties and for the trip to Dubai. And many of the housewives have been very vocal and honest about how they feel about her lyme disease. Even though Eileen has been honest, she isn’t the one who is making headlines for her opinion.

“I know I’ve joked many times about my need for honesty getting me in trouble, but I know where I stand with everyone now because of it. I feel stronger than ever that the best policy for my life is asking for and telling the truth. And looking back, as strange, and at times, appalling as it was, the clarity I have about everyone based on their actions and reactions is invaluable. I wouldn’t change anything that happened this year. Honestly,” Eileen Davidson reveals.

What do you think of this season? Do you think Eileen Davidson is right about Yolanda’s suffering?

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