Arrest Warrant Issued For Rams Running Back Tre Mason After Missed Court Date

Tre Mason

According to TMZ-Sports, an arrest warrant has been issued by the Broward County Sherriff’s Department (Florida) for Los Angeles Rams running back, Tre Mason, after Mason reportedly failed to appear for his court arraignment on Monday following his March 5th arrest (suspicion of possession of marijuana, reckless driving, failure to register a motor vehicle and resisting arrest)

The 22-year-old Mason was arrested late at night on March 5th and had to be subdued by a taser gun after resisting commands from the arresting officers. Mason was taken into custody and treated at a local hospital as part of the department’s protocol for suspects subdued by taser guns. 

Mason will reportedly be allotted a $1,500 bond whenever he is taken into custody in the coming days (assuming he turns himself in). Why Mason decided to further complicate the process of his arrest/trial is unknown, and one would hope that Mason either forgot, missed a flight down to Florida, or something else happened that prevented him from making it there. If Mason knowingly skipped this court date thinking that the charges brought against him would magically disappear, then he is quite mistaken. Now, Mason is technically a fugitive and the situation just got even more complicated due to the fact that the trial and legal process just became ever more prolonged. If Mason had attended this court date, then the entire situation may have been able to come to a close before the start of OTA’s and Rams training camp in June/July. Now, it will likely be another month until Mason can even get back into the courtroom for his initial arraignment, which could very well lead to Mason dealing with the legal process as he tries to gear up for the 2016 NFL season (assuming the Rams do not release him).

There really isn’t much else to analyze here as this was an incredibly boneheaded move by Tre Mason. Even if he forgot about the court arraignment in Florida, it is absolutely no excuse for him not showing up. Shouldn’t anybody, nevermind a professional athlete, have a court date marked on their calendar so that they don’t have to go back to jail? Yeah, going to court sucks, nobody wants to go to court, but going to jail sucks 1,000 times worse. The fact that Mason didn’t take charge when it came time to handling a significant off-field issue and do everything he possibly can in order to not create any more negative headlines and distractions for his team shows a great sign of immaturity and even greater signs of stupidity.  

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