Cardale Jones Rips The NCAA On Twitter, Bad Timing

Cardale Jones

With just about two weeks remaining before the 2016 NFL Draft, former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones decided on Monday that now is the right time to let his opinion be heard on the NCAA and their policy on players benefitting off of their own images.

Jones posted this series of Tweets where he claims the NCAA exploits and controls the collegiate athletes they govern in an unfair manner:

Pretty hot take by Cardale Jones and while it’s hard to disagree with the message he is trying to send, it is very easy to disagree on the timing of the rant. Jones is already dealing with a nagging hamstring injury which forced him to withdraw midway through the scouting combine back in February, which could have significantly hurt his draft stock. Now, just two weeks before Jones hopes to be walking across the stage and shaking commissioner Goodell’s hand, he unwisely chose to go on a social media rant bashing the NCAA. Cardale Jones may be trying to go pro in football, but he is already a professional at saying the wrong thing at the wrong time:

Cardale Jones tweet

**It’s hard to image Jones ever being able to live down that tweet** 

In a time where NFL teams are just simply looking for a reason to not draft a guy, Cardale Jones needs to realize that his actions and words off the field speak just as loudly as his play on the gridiron. The NFL is a business. The NCAA is also a business. Businesses do not like when their current or former employees/players (or in this case student-athletes) bad mouth them, especially to a massive audience via social media. While the NCAA may be one of the most corrupt and biggest jokes of an organization on the planet, why couldn’t this Twitter rant wait another two weeks Cardale? Seriously, why not? You are already on pretty thin ice as it is in terms of being a high draft pick. Why do anything that could raise some eyebrows of NFL scouts and further negatively impact your draft stock? The chances of an NFL team passing on Cardale Jones in the draft simply because of these tweets is certainly low, but why take that risk? There is almost no reward to speaking your mind on this issue at this point in time and the potential consequences could be devastating. Again, Jones’ point on the NCAA is hard to argue against, but why he chose now to call them out on it rather than the first week of May is baffling, to say the least.  

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