Rodent Rescue: Baby Squirrels Without Mothers Get Much Needed Help In Washington, DC


Even squirrels need rescuing sometimes. City Wildlife, a rescue and rehabilitation group based out of Washington, D.C., takes care of sick, orphaned, and injured animals with the goal of returning them to the wild.

According to the website, “Wild animals have had to adapt to living in close proximity with people. Each year hundreds of wild animals in DC are unintentionally harmed by people and the urban environment.”

Veterinarian Mary Ashley Laine explains in the video below that two or three people spend several hours a day caring for the baby squirrels, many of whom sustain injuries after falling out of their nests. Bloody noses and facial trauma are common.

Baby squirrels are very tiny and require feedings six times a day. They also tend to inhale their formula, so handlers must be careful they don’t get respiratory diseases as a result.

The babies are kept in groups of four so they grow up with fellow baby squirrels and learn how to socialize.

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