A Doctor Almost Prevented LeBron James From Achieving Goal Of Playing In The NBA

King James

When he was 11-years-old, LeBron James’ childhood doctor told him he was only going to be 6-foot-3. James was hoping for 6-foot-6 or taller like Michael Jordan and Grant Hill. As a result of this height prediction, LeBron didn’t think he stood a chance at making the NBA. 

“I thought I was all done,” he said. 

Boy was he very wrong. 

During an interview with Cleveland.com, Lebron discussed how the conversation broke his heart: 

“When your idols are Michael Jordan and Penny Hardaway, you’re like [expletive],” he said. “You’re looking on the back of basketball cards, and it says MJ, 6-6, Penny, 6-7 and a half, Grant Hill, 6-8. You’re like, ‘I’m only going to be 6-3? Golly. My dreams are shattered.’ That’s how it made me feel.”

LeBron thought that he would have to shift into the guard position instead of playing forward, which he preferred. Those were the plays he knew. It’s also the position that his idols played. 

James was approximately 5-foot-7 at age 11, which is much taller than average. He reached 6-foot-3 by his freshman year of high school. 

“Once I was that tall at that age, I felt pretty good about my chances.”

LeBron’s now 6-foot-8.

Now he’s got a house in LA and a bigger pool than Ye. 


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