Warriors Go All In To Beat The Bulls Record Of 72-10

Steph Curry

While the Spurs, the Cavs, and the Clippers rest key starters as the playoffs draw closer, the Warriors are going all in, seemingly to beat the record that most players and coach Steve Kerr continuously say they don’t care about. 

On Sunday, the Warriors became the first team this season to beat the Spurs at home. The 92 – 86 victory also meant something else. The Warriors tied the Bulls record of 72 wins and 10 losses. 

If the Warriors beat the Grizzlies on April 13, they will have won 73 games. One more game than Michael Jordan’s 1995-9996 Chicago Bulls. 

Draymond Green and Steph Curry are two of the only players on the team who have openly said they want to beat the record for the single most wins in a season. It would typically mean they are the best team ever. 

Andre Iguodala says he doesn’t care about missing out on the record

Green feels much differently. He wanted the record more than any other player on the team and admitted it from the beginning. 

Curry took the ball from the game in which the Warriors tied the Bulls to the locker room with him. 

The Warriors won’t have rested going into the playoffs. However, last year, they beat most teams in four games so they had plenty of rest between series. 

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