Lisa Rinna Says She’s Done After ‘RHOBH’ Finale Outcome

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna wanted to confront Lisa Vanderpump on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale and she started the process in Dubai. Things clearly didn’t go as expected. Rinna tried to explain to Vanderpump that she didn’t want to attack her, but she just wanted her to be honest about what happened between them. But after the feedback from the episodes, it sounds like Rinna is tired of making her case all the time.

According to a new report, Lisa Rinna is now revealing that she’s done going in circles with the drama. While her fans may want to discuss the drama on Twitter, it sounds like she’s tired of justifying her actions.

“I see you. I hear you. I agree with you about this nonsense dragging on and on and on.

This has gotten far too drawn out and confusing. Life is too short. I’m done,” Lisa Rinna reveals in her blog, adding, “It’s all so silly and mind numbing, isn’t it? The salacious events have happened, albeit wildly confusing, and I hear you all loud and clear. Time to MOVE ON,” she revealed, sharing that she’s currently on vacation.

“So, I will happily move on with my margie in the sunshine on a beautiful Mexican beach, which is currently where I am for spring break with my family. Cheers, and I’ll see you all here next week for the finale. WARNING: In the finale, we talk about the same sh– in a different, beautiful location. Let’s just say, it’s a good thing I didn’t cancel my order on that diamond zipper Louis Vuitton body bag I ordered for myself last season. I may not get out of here alive, but dammit, I will go out in style!” Rinna revealed in her blog.

What do you think about Lisa Rinna’s blog about being done? Do you think she will return to the show next season, if the drama continues?

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