Is Brooke Pumroy The LA Tech Player Tyler Summit Got Pregnant?

Brooke Pumroy

Brooke Pumroy is rumored to be the LA Tech guard Tyler Summit got pregnant

Pumroy is one of the two players who followed Summit from Marquette University to Louisiana Tech University when he accepted the head coach job. Pumroy played for Summit for two years before transferring when he did. She sat out a season due to the NCAA transfer rule. 

The other player, Ashley Santos, made it very clear she’s not pregnant. 

Summit and Pumroy previously talked about their close relationship. It was unknown that it was a romantic one. However, Summit was accused of favoring Brooke over Santos.

Santos made it clear that both she and others felt Summit favored Brooke over the other players. 

“She presented to the coaches that some of the girls had confided in her that if things didn’t start to change, or some things weren’t addressed, they were not returning,’’Jose Santos told USA TODAY Sports. “They didn’t like the environment at all and they talked about leaving and that’s a fact.

“I know for sure that Ashley was told there would be adjustments made and it never happened.’’

“We just felt that at the very least there was some basketball favoritism going on,’’ Ashley’s father Jose Santos said. “If you know basketball, you could just see it. … (Pumroy) was doing whatever she wanted to do. She played without any fear of consequence.’’

Santos said Pumroy’s statistics show favoritism. She took more than three times as many three-point shots than any other team member. However, she only made 31.8% of those shots. Pumroy also led the team in minutes played (30.8 per game). 

Pumroy announced during the past season she will forego her final year of NCAA eligibility. She’s also not returned requests for comments. Brooke is 22-years-old while Summit is 25 and married. 

Summit has stepped down from his position as coach due to the inappropriate relationship. 

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