David Colton Talks Playing The Ladies’ Man In ‘Boyband’


In every band, it seems like there’s the one guy who thinks the music is his pathway to meeting girls. In Boyband that’s Chad Steele, the guitarist played by David Colton (above second from left). As Starpulse continued our look behind the scenes of the web series, we asked David what it’s like to play the so-called “ladies man” in a band even if it’s a fake one.

But really, how much is Chad deluding himself? “A lot,” David told us. “He does like to think he’s the only unstoppable force in terms of ladies in the world. When it comes down to it he’s a douchebag, but there’s more to him than that.”

David is obviously not that egotistical so he explained that he creates Chad based on the characteristics of other people. “I draw it from people I see and the way I see people act,” he said. “The guys that think they’re sweet and treat everyone else like they’re lesser. Then I take that and combine it with my stupid sense of humor and kind of transform it into this douchey, out of control character.”

He and his co-stars have nailed that sort of strange dynamic of a boy band well; so well, in fact, that he told us he has to correct people that they’re not actually a musical group. “People will ask me if I’m in a boy band and I’m like no, then I have to explain this whole thing,” he laughed.

A writer as well as a performer, David has a few other aspects of Chad that he’d like to tackle should the series make it to a third season. “I always liked the idea of exploring Chad’s first real girlfriend,” he said. “I feel like that would be interesting.Just the way they interact. This girl who can tell him what to do and he doesn’t know how to react.

“Also in the college years, what would Chad be like?” he wondered. “Would he be a jock? Would he become himself and be a loser?”

But for him the most rewarding part of Boyband was the wealth of material that’s not scripted – the interview portions of the episodes are totally improvised amongst the cast.

“The best comedy comes from a place that doesn’t exist until the second it happens,” he explained. “Improvisation was easily my favorite part of doing this, just because I think that’s when the funny material comes out. And I think that’s when you can get a natural response from audiences.”

“Being able to improvise with not only people I’d worked with before, but people I knew had similar taste to me and I could draw a good reaction from,” he continued. “People you definitely work well with is something that’s not easy to find, and I think that’s evident on shows like Saturday Night Live.”

Chad still has a lot to learn, but David and his Boyband castmates have easily climbed the ranks into one of the funniest comedy ensembles on the Internet or otherwise. As Season 2 continues, don’t waste any more time and get caught up with this wonderful web series.

You can watch the most recent episode of Boyband above. For more information on the series, check out the show’s YouTube and Tumblr pages.

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