Lisa Rinna Slams Lisa Vanderpump After Going After Eileen Davidson

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna isn’t happy with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star these days. Rinna just wanted her co-star, Lisa Vanderpump, to be honest about what she said and did around the time that the Munchausens accusations came to light. Rinna claims that Vanderpump was doing and saying one thing and she claims she did nothing. But Vanderpump’s problem appears to be with Eileen Davidson, as she has shared her thoughts on Vanderpump.

According to a new tweet, Lisa Rinna is now revealing that she wants her co-star to be honest and she isn’t happy that Vanderpump called Eileen’s integrity into question. In her blog, Vanderpump reveals that Eileen’s personality and integrity should be called into question, as her decision to ruin a happy marriage with her affair speaks volumes. And that comment doesn’t sit well with Rinna.

“Caught wind of LVP’s disgustingly vile blog. What “speaks volumes” is the lack of class she tries so desperately to convey. Unacceptable,” Lisa Rinna revealed on Twitter, adding later, “So much for a peaceful vacation. I’m disgusted at how Eileen was spoken of. She is my friend and no one should ever speak of her that way.”

Vanderpump is referring to Eileen’s history, as she was previously married to another man. When she met her current husband, they started having feelings for one another while they were both still married. While Davidson did separate from her husband before making any moves, Vince may not have told his wife anything. And apparently, Vanderpump wants people to question Eileen because of her past decisions to end her own marriage and get involved with a married man. Rinna isn’t happy about it.

What do you think of Lisa Rinna defending her friend, Eileen Davidson? Are you surprised that Vanderpump would be so outspoken in her blog?


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