Hulk Hogan To Wrestle At WrestleMania 33?

Hulk Hogan

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has made it known that he would like to return to the WWE.

He hopes to be back for WrestleMania 33 next April. 

The wrestling event draws almost a hundred thousand fans each year. Hogan remembers what it’s like to be out there in front of that many people. 

“Once you get there in front of 100,000, the final element is how you respond to the people,” explained Hogan to Sports Illustrated. “Usually by the time you get to a crowd that big, you already have your act together. With a crowd that big–even if you bodyslam a giant–the signals come back awkwardly. It’s such a sea of people, you need to be able to read the crowd and roll to it. That’s why you see Triple H perform on a different level to connect with the crowd. That’s the mental aspect, and that shows you who the masters are out there.”

Hogan was fired from the WWE after a video of him surfaced online. In it, he used a racial slur several times it.

He has since apologized and shown remorse. That wasn’t enough for the WWE, even though the company has forgiven wrestlers in the past. 

At this past WrestleMania, several wrestling legends appeared, including Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Sean Michaels.

Many people on social media noted Hogan’s absence. 

Hogan was grateful for the support. 

“The ‘Maniacs are pretty loyal, brother,” he said. “I think that’s really, really cool.”

WrestleMania 33 will be the 30th anniversary of Hogan’s WrestleMania debut. He first appeared at WrestleMania III, where he fought Andre the Giant. 

“These big shows come off once in a while,” said Hogan. “The last one like this was WrestleMania III, and that was thirty years ago. It was amazing to see how strong the WWE is, and see the following. It is mindboggling to see a monster crowd that big. It was just a huge success, and shows you how strong and powerful the brand is when you see that building full with all that energy.”

If Hogan’s going to make a comeback, the storyline is set up almost perfectly. 

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