How Much Do Top WWE Superstars Get Paid?

John Cena

Forbes recently looked at the cash money that top WWE superstars pull in. It’s really hard to find details on the pay of a wrestler but Forbes somehow managed it. 

While wrestlers aren’t making the same amount of money that athletes in other sports like football and basketball are, they still do mighty fine.

According to the financial publication, wrestlers give the WWE the right to negotiate on their behalf for merchandising, endorsements, personal appearances, and performances in non-wrestling events. Wrestlers are granted a base salary plus a share of other revenue sources like merchandise sales. Performers on WWE’s roster make an average $500,000. Top guys earn into the millions and above. Most of the top tier wrestlers on the Forbes list have been with the company a long time. 

Triple H makes $2.8 million per year. He works limited dates but Forbes says he made $700,000 in bonus royalties in 2015. He also earns from his role as the Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events Creative. 

Brock Lesnar made $6 million in 2015. Brock has a lot of commercial value from his time in the UFC, which makes him more valuable than somebody like Triple H. Most of the big shows in 2015 were centered on him. He worked Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, and The Undertaker at SummerSlam and Hell In A Cell. The Undertaker brought in $2 million. 

Lesnar signed a new contract with WWE before WrestleMania 31. It’s a limited performance schedule. It allows him to live up in the middle of nowhere Canada and then complain about free health care the country gives him.

John Cena is by far the most well-paid performer. His pay of $9.5 million per year almost compares to athletes in other sports. A lot of Cena’s salary comes from merchandise. He’s been the top seller for years. 

Other wrestlers on the list include the Big Show, who makes $1.5 million and Kane who makes $1.3 million. 

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