Five Really Good Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked

Sleeping Naked

Do you prefer sleeping in flannel pajamas or eschewing clothes all together? You may want to consider donating your night shirt because sleeping nude has many benefits.

1) It creates more intimacy with your partner (this is a no brainer). The skin-on-skin contact lowers your blood pressure and helps you reduce stress. This in turn leads to a happy, healthier life.

2) It’s better for your private parts. Men who ditch their underwear at night have better sperm quality because their bits are allowed some freedom to move freely. And women’s vaginas are susceptible to bacteria and yeast, so the added aeration helps keep their parts healthy.

3) It helps you keep cool. The body is very sensitive to temperature when it comes to sleeping, and being nude helps you regulate it. If you’re too hot, and wrapped up in layers, you’re sleep won’t be as deep or restorative.

4) It boosts your sleep quality. Without the distraction of drawstrings, bulky socks, or other articles of clothing, your sleep is less likely to be interrupted.

5) It produces positive chemical reactions. By maintaining good body temperature, you have lower cortisol levels, which are linked to anxiety, cravings for bad food, and weight loss. In addition, sleeping naked helps you better regulate melatonin and growth hormone levels, which prevent aging. 

So take off your clothes before you catch those Zs.

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