Adam Carolla Lands Live Late-Night Talk Show

Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla is headed to the talk show world as only he can do it. The comedian, TV host, author, podcaster and lover of power tools has signed a deal to host a new late-night talk show for cable network Spike. But there are two catches: it’s going to be live, and it’s going to put the celebs to work.

Spike has ordered ten episodes of Adam Carolla and Friends Build Stuff Live to premiere next year. As the title indicates, each episode will feature Carolla working with that week’s guest on a different building project, with the work taking place live in front of a studio audience.

The show will be filmed in Los Angeles and also include certain pre-taped segments that explain the prep work leading up to that week’s project. No guests have as yet been announced for the series, but it’s not as if Carolla has a short list of friends that he could feature.

He most recently served as the host of Spike’s reality series Catch A Contractor, in which he, contractor Skip Bedell and private investigator Alison Bedell pursued bad contractors and made them fix their shoddy work. The show has aired three seasons but hasn’t been seen since August.

Still, Spike is staying in business with Carolla, so that means we’ll probably be in for more hilarious moments like these:

Adam Carolla and Friends Build Stuff Live is Spike’s first foray into the world of chat shows. They’ve banked on a proven brand, as Carolla has plenty of hosting experience under his belt. He’s well known for hosting on both radio and TV, including Loveline, The Man Show, and The Adam Carolla Project.

Carolla also released his film Road Hard last year and spoke with us about it here, wrote another book called President Me, and next week will be returning to be part of the 40th annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. He never has any shortage of things to do.

But his new show should be interesting to see. It’s one thing to put a host together with celebrities, yet a whole other thing to give them potentially dangerous tools and have them build something on live television. We’ll have to see who joins Carolla when his series premieres in 2017.

Will you watch Adam Carolla’s new talk show? What do you think of its concept? Let us know in the comments.

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