F1 teams to reject qualifying proposal

Lewis Hamilton has spoken out against the current format

Lewis Hamilton has spoken out against the current format

All 11 Formula 1 teams have told the sport’s bosses they want to revert to the 2015 qualifying format amid ongoing criticism of the current system.

New for 2016, the current system has been criticised by drivers, teams, officials and fans.

FIA president Jean Todt and F1 commercial boss Bernie Ecclestone want to introduce a format that involves combining a driver’s two fastest laps.

However, the teams think this is too confusing for the audience.

They plan to vote against it on Thursday.

Qualifying was changed this year because Ecclestone wanted to spice up race weekends, which he felt were becoming too predictable.

It consists of three knockout sessions, with the slowest six cars eliminated at the end of the first two before a shootout of the top 10 fastest.

However, it has not worked as hoped.

After the opening race in Australia, teams voted unanimously to revert to the 2015 format, only for Todt to rule out that option.

Undeterred, the teams again insisted on a reversion to 2015 at a meeting at the Bahrain Grand Prix last Sunday.

Now they have written a letter, arguing that Todt’s aggregate system “adds complexity” and makes it harder for the audience to follow what is happening.

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