Newtown Teacher Arrested For Gun Possession On School Grounds


A Newtown teacher was arrested for bringing a gun on school grounds.

Jason M. Adams, a teacher at Newtown Middle School, was charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds, a Class D felony, according to Connecticut law. CNN reports that the teacher was stopped inside the school facility by security personnel on Wednesday around 9 a.m. The Newtown Public School District and police say Adams had a concealed weapon, for which he had the required permit.

The Newtown teacher who was arrested for bringing a gun to school was released after processing, but is being placed on administrative leave. Adams will appear in court on April 20.

“This matter is very serious and troubling,” Newtown schools said. “The Newtown Police Department is confident that security precautions put in place prior to the incident were instrumental in the quick and appropriate response to the event.”

The arrest occurred during a time when staff meetings were being held, so no students were on campus at the time.

NBC Connecticut reports that Adams is 46-years-old.

Sandy Hook Elementary School was the site of gun violence on December 14, 2012 when 26 people, including 20 schoolchildren, were killed. The shooter also killed his mother at their home before taking his own life when authorities arrived at the school.
Newtown school policy bans the possession of all firearms on school property.

Police released a statement they received from the Newtown School District.

“The teacher was immediately detained by security personnel,” said the statement. “The teacher has additionally been placed on administrative leave pending an administrative investigation. Both agencies have been working closely together to investigate the incident and are taking precautions to ensure the continued safety of our students, staff and community members.”

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