‘Empire’ Recap Lyin’ Lucious Gets Exposed


A Lyon is still a Lyon no matter what he used to be called—hence the episode’s title “A Rose by Any Other Name”—it will always manage to catch its prey and destroy it. The Lyon family is no different when it comes to bringing down cougar Camilla. They band together to show her who the real boss of Empire is.

FOXFor now, it’s Hakeem and he won’t let anyone forget it. During a press conference to introduce himself and family as the new dream team of Empire, he won’t even bring up Lucious, until Cookie (literally) knocks some sense into him. And announces Lucious isn’t curled up in a fetal position in Lyon Destiny’s office, but working on a music video for “Boom Boom Boom Boom,” which Empire will fund.

Or was going to fund. See, Hakeem may be the new face of Empire as the young cub so dramatically unveiled during a staff concert, but Camilla is pulling the board’s strings. She cuts Lucious’ budget for the video, making his trigger finger extra itchy. He isn’t the only artist PO’ed by her new world order, Tiana’s (hey stranger!) 30-city tour is put on hold for not having an opening act. As if Tiana’s glitter bodysuit channeling the Mrs. Carter World Tour needs an introduction. Since it does Cookie slides in Mirage a Trois. Everyone is happy—Tiana gets her tour, Cookie keeps her artist, Laura gets a big break and Camilla has Hakeem all to herself.

Hakeem, on the other hand, is not having it. He’s not prepared to lose the side chick he promoted to main bish. So he’s got to be willing to tame the monster he created and develops a plan to do so.

Hakeem creates a sex tape of him and Camilla and also records her confessing to counting down the days to Mimi’s death. Thanks to Rhonda’s snooping (she’s working with Camilla on Empire’s fashion line) the Lyons’ find out Mimi is in town and there’s tension between the wifeys. Hakeem’s sex tape, which he sent Mimi, sends the couple over the edge.

Mimi immediately sells off all her Empire shares and Andre just as quickly buys what she left behind using his son’s trust fund money. It’s so soon and still so sad.

Just like Camilla’s desperation in getting rid of Mimi by poisoning her and making it look like she committed suicide. Lucious strolls in just in time to catch the scene and record it while wearing shoe protectors. Did someone tip L off? Because he had one finger on the trigger of his gun and the other on the send button of his phone. Lucious forces Camilla to drink the deadly concoction she gave Mimi or he’ll send her how to get away with murder instructional tape to the police and Mimi’s family.

“Why not just shoot me?” she asks.

Lucious didn’t have to, after he told her Hakeem leaked their sex tape, she looked like she already got a bullet in the heart. A feeling Lucious is familiar with but doesn’t mean he’ll show her mercy. Camilla takes a shot of the lethal dose. And we’re led to believe Camilla bit the dust, but I think Lucious walked away too fast. She could have easily called 9-11 to get her stomach pumped or made herself sick. I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of Camilla.

Also, with Camilla gone will Hakeem continue to be the king of Empire? It remains to be seen. But Cookie is impressed he put his family first.


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