Who Did These: Best Crying Jordan Memes From The National Championship

Crying Jordan

It seems that the infamous Michael Jordan crying meme on social media just refuses to die, and with MJ in attendance for Monday night’s National Championship Game in Houston, the stage was set for the MJ crying meme to go viral if North Carolina lost (Jordan’s alma mater). After Marcus Paige made an insane three-pointer to tie the game at 74 with four seconds remaining, it appeared that just maybe, the abundance of crying MJ memes on the Twitter-sphere after big sporting events would finally die out.

But unfortunately for MJ, his team was unable to stop Villanova from scoring on their final possession.

And along with that, Jordan then had to endure the onslaught of social media attention directed his way with the memes and gifs. Here’s the best crying Jordan posts/pics from Monday night:

Keeping It Nice And Simple Over At Complex

That Is The Saddest Ram I Have Ever Seen

'Carolina Ram

The Dome In Chapel Hill! HAHAHAHA


Poor Roy

Roy Williams, UNC

Jordan’s Postgame Interview On TBS LOL

Jordan Interview

My Personal Favorite

They Even Did It To The Foot Logo, Savages

Foot Logo

Those Sly Little Interns Over There At NBCSN

LEAVE BILL MURRAY ALONE, Just Kidding, Loved This Little Change Up

Bill Murray Jordan Meme

Hockey Twitter Even Got Involved

There are a few more big sporting events coming up soon with The Masters, Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals, College World Series, etc, so the Twitter-world shouldn’t have to wait too long to see more crying MJ memes. Thanks to those who sent them in and feel free to post any funny ones we missed in the comment section below next to all the people saying crying MJ memes aren’t funny. 

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