Porsha Williams Speaks Out After Secret Footage Comes Out

Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams may had been glad when she watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale, as her physical fight with an employee wasn’t featured on the show. Porsha got into a physical altercation with one of the women who worked with her, but the fight had nothing to do with Phaedra Parks’ Christmas party or the plot of the finale. So, the Bravo producers decided to leave out the fight. However, during the reunion it was brought up.

According to a new tweet, Porsha Williams is now revealing that she is trying to change after being called out on the reunion special. Andy Cohen decided to show the footage during the reunion and the ladies were surprised that the footage wasn’t shown on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya Moore and some of the other ladies had plenty to say about her behaviour, hinting that she may benefit from taking responsibility for her actions.

“I’m finally home. Thank you all you for your love and encouragement! I’m not perfect by far but I am a true work in progress! #Blessed #RHOA,” Porsha revealed in Twitter after the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion aired. But it sounds like people are starting to think that she has a huge problem.

“Girl go call some real ppl bcuz if you stick a scepter in the average persons face its going down church shoes and all,” one person wrote, while others revealed that they didn’t think she had changed at all. Porsha did say that she never used physical violence to solve problems in the past and hinted that The Real Housewives of Atlanta brought the ugly out in her.

What do you think of Porsha Williams’ tweet about how she’s changing? Do you think she could be working on herself and changing her violent behaviour?

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