Tracy Morgan Tells Oprah About His Near-Death Experience, Says He Talked To His Late Father

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan said he learned it just wasn’t his time to go.

That’s what the comedian told Oprah Winfrey during a sit-down interview on Sunday, April 3 about the aftermath of his nearly-fatal car accident in June 2014. Morgan told Winfrey that while he was in a coma he had a near-death experience that included talking to his late father, Jimmy Morgan Sr., in heaven.

“I was talking to my dad. He had this green thing on and I just remember him saying, ‘I’m not ready for you, son,’ and I started crying so hard,” Morgan, 47, told Winfrey.

Morgan said that his dad told him that he needed to go back to finish what he’d started,” according to US Weekly.

“[He told me] I’m a fighter … I’ve got to get back to this little girl and my wife,” Morgan added, referring to his wife, Megan Wollover, and their 2-year-old daughter, Maven. “‘Finish the job. That’s my granddaughter,’” he added. “Finish the job.”

Morgan, who rose to fame while performing as a cast member on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ has spent most of the last two years recovering from the accident. He suffered numerous broken bones and other injuries that took a long time to heal.

Morgan made his triumphant return to public life last October when he returned to the ‘SNL’ stage to host.

Winfrey asked Morgan if he still feels “normal” in the aftermath of the accident and what he encountered on the other side.

“No, no,”  Morgan replied. “I told my wife that the other day. Something’s different.”

Morgan, who was emotional throughout the interview, said he was really touched by the outpouring of love from fans and former colleagues after the accident.

“I feel like I tapped into something. I feel like I tapped into humanity and love,” Morgan said. “When I first came out of the hospital, the first time I left my house, people were crying and hugging me. It was weird to me. People care. It just made me have a new belief in people again.”


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